Amazon and 3rd party online platform exclusive

The Army Painter operates with an exclusive 3rd party online platform partnership, currently with 316 Distribution for North America, selling The Army Painter product range on our behalf.

Selling on Amazon or other 3rd party online platforms is against The Army Painter company policy.

The hobby of painting and playing miniature games is fantastic, social and fun! Gamers and painters all over the world enjoy painting miniatures, be it in a club, in games store or at home. Over the past 12 years The Army Painter’s range of hobby accessories and paints have become the first choice for a lot gamers and hobbyists. The exclusivity agreement comes with a 3rd party online platform MAP policy; meaning The Army Painter brand and products can continue to be a solid part of all games stores hobby accessory line.

The Army Painter continue our commitment to and strong support of the brick and mortar retail stores – including our investment in top of the line point-of-sales racking material and product support. We encourage our retail partners to list The Army Painter products online to get direct web site sales from their own web site. Download free product images from our resource site (right hand column).